October 1st, 2017フェア・イベント情報 ~ Fair & Event



We have by declare to our valuable customers, that the lawry’s special Lunch & Dinner course on Dec. 22nd to 25th.
And all customers Dinning time limited for 2 hours.
Thank you for your understanding & cooperation.
All reservations(by online & call) begin from Oct. 1st.

12/22 Fri
Lunch:11:00~15:00 13:00(LO)
Dinner:17:00~23:30 22:00(LO)
12/23 Sat & 24 Sun
Lunch:11:00~14:00 12:30(LO)
Dinner:16:00~23:30 22:00(LO)
12/25 Mon
Lunch:11:00~14:00 12:30(LO)
Dinner:17:00~23:30 22:00(LO)

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Lunch Menu → Chiristmas Lunch Menu

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